Our Story

How We Started


I started running my tea house from 2007. I was thinking it must be an easy job for Chinese people running the Chinese tea business, obviously, I was totally wrong.
I had basic class of Chinese tea before I run the tea business, so I had a clear concept about Chinese tea, but many of the knowledge were still stay on the paper. Even though, I still had just about enough knowledge to have half page of interview from “good living” at SMH which published on 25th, March, 2008. After that interview, I started to know the difference using on Camelia sinensis , cultivar and tea tree.
The interview at SMH did bring more people visit my teahouse, and I started to have more variety of teas including white tea which becoming more popular in western world by its wonderful marketing on its antioxidant property. As I said, many of my tea knowledge still stay on paper, I bought few different fake white teas in 2008. Until one day, a tea lover (MS De) came to my teahouse. After brewing my fake white tea, she said it must be green tea but not white tea. Then I realized that I have to visit the tea farm and tea factory in the future but not just buying teas from distributor in Guangzhou.
Since then, I started to choose my teas more carefully and taste them more carefully than before, and started to contact the farmers, tea makers and tea factories. From 2011, I started my tea trip every year to visit tea farmers and tea makers to learn the real knowledge about the tea.
After sharing my tea experience to my customers for 15 years, many of them regard me as a tea consultant rather than a tea seller.
From 2022, MY Teahouse is re-branding to a new looking, not just renovate the shop, but change the package as well. MY Teahouse start to have carry pack which just has 2 portions in box so tea lovers can try more different teas.

Our Store

We are a Chinese tea house in Sydney’s Neutral Bay.

We supply high quality Chinese tea online, both for wholesale and retail. Our online Chinese tea store has over eighty varieties of tea, including;

  • Green tea
  • White tea
  • Blue(Oolong) tea
  • Red tea
  • Dark tea
  • Puerh tea
  • Scented tea
  • As well as tea pots and serving utensils

As well as our online Chinese tea shop we have a tea house in Sydney

In MY Chinese tea shop in Sydney, Neutral Bay, you can:

  • Enrich yourself in the traditional Chinese environment.
  • Taste more than 80 different types of tea.
  • Enjoy my teas and tell your stories, with the traditional Zen music surrounding
  • Feel relax and escape from work pressure.

MY Teahouse at Neutral Bay sometimes has a tea party when new teas arrive. You can know more about how to make a good cup of tea and which tea is best for your health.

Address: Shop 4&5 129-133 Military Road Neutral Bay NSW 2089

Contact: myteahouse888@hotmail.com

Opening Hours:

we are close from 22nd - 25th January 2023 by Chinese New Year.
sorry about any inconvenient!

Monday                 : Close
Tuesday~Friday  : 09:30am - 08:30pm
Saturday               : 09:30am - 05:30pm
Sunday                 : 09:30am - 04:00pm

Monday and any other time is also available by appointment
Public Holiday open by appointment

phone number: 02 7900 6234
msg: 0414331626