Pu Erh Tea


Sometimes known as dark tea, Pu Erh is the most famous of all the fermented teas. It is distinct from some other type of tea that claim to be fermented but are actually only oxidized by the enzymes in the plant itself. Pu Erh tea, as well as being oxidized after being dried, is altered by the action of yeast and other substances added to the fermentation process.


As with many teas from China Pu Erh tea’s popularity is a combination of tradition and flavour. Beliefs about its health benefits have existed for generations; only in the 20th century did systematic studies suggest there is at least some justification for these beliefs. The presence of Catechins and Theanine  in Pu Erh, as well as some caffeine, seem to have some positive influence on weight loss, cholesterol reduction and triscylgiycerol levels. The combination of Caffeine and Theanine, though fairly mild, also seems to help with concentration and relaxation.


Pu Erh Tea is sold as large cakes wrapped in cotton or cotton paper. Decals on the wrapping indicate the quality and a small ticket inside provides authentication.


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