We are dedicated to bring
the best quality Chinese tea
into Australia

The essence of Chinese culture is Balance and is reflected in Chinese tea philosophy:

Tea is a form of art, it is also a cultural representation. In ancient Chinese culture, tea brewing is an interacting process of five key elements (metal, wood, water, fire and earth) which ultimately provides the perfect balance - Tea brewing involves putting the stove(metal) on the ground(earth), using the firewood(wood) to make the fire(fire), and to boil water(water) to make tea.


Taking the time to brew a cup of tea is a very relaxing and calming process.

Health Benefits

The natural goodness of the tea leaves are proven to enhance your health.


Drinking tea the traditional way makes a good chance for people to sit down and talk to each other face to face.


Tea tasting can be a wonderful experience, one type of tea can taste different to everyone and there is no right or wrong answers. And to share the feelings during the process of making tea makes it all very interesting.


Chinese Tea

As well as retail we also do wholesale on several products:

Green tea: gunpowder green, cloud & mist, dragon well...
White tea: white peony, golden peony, silver needle...
Oolong tea: golden osmanthus, iron goddess, dong ding, big red robe...
Red tea: Dian Hong, Lapsansouchong, qimen red...
Scented tea: jasmine pearl
puerh teas: raw puerh, cooked puerh