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On a breezy and sunny day, a couple of tea enthusiasts arrived at MY TEAHOUSE as planned. They had previously explored tea houses throughout Sydney. Their polite and amiable demeanor allowed me the privilege of selecting tea for them. I began with WHITE TEA Golden Peony, and from their expressions, it was evident that this was a promising start. Then, I recommended an exquisite Dragon Well green tea, which received equally high praise. Throughout the tea-tasting process, we engaged in conversations about various intriguing tea anecdotes.

Upon learning about their curiosity and potential misconceptions regarding raw Pu-erh tea, I confidently asserted that coming to MY TEAHOUSE was the right choice for gaining a true understanding of it. This statement sparked intense interest and curiosity from them. Despite this, I strongly suggested they should taste the Oriental Beauty(taiwanese oolong) before puerh tea. As expected, they were once again captivated by the finesse of the tea. I selected a distinctive puerh tea from “Jingmai Mountain” old tree raw Pu-erh for them. Through sharing the aroma and flavor of the tea, they finally grasped why raw Pu-erh is hailed as the “final destination” of Chinese tea.

In the end, we concluded with a “Golden Needle” red tea to balance the impact on the stomach from the previous teas. Unbeknownst to us, an hour and a half had quietly slipped away. They were left discussing how to further explore the charm of Pu-erh tea in the future.

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