Lunar New Year of Dragon

In honor of the Lunar Year of the Dragon, the VIP member of MY TEAHOUSE invited her 12 close friends to join in commemorating the Lunar New Year at the tea house. The atmosphere was enchanting, filled with the aromatic essence of teas and the harmonious sounds of laughter.

Engrossed in the authentic aromas of Chinese tea, the guests relished every cup, acknowledging the artistry of tea culture. Holding teacups delicately, they sipped the brew, as though savoring the richness of time and embracing the beauty of the present moment.

Apart from savoring tea, they delighted in using a brush to inscribe the character “福” (representing “good fortune”). With each flowing stroke, every “福” conveyed warmth and blessings, enhancing the atmosphere with a touch of harmony and joy during the new year celebrations.

A cherished keepsake from the gathering, every guest was gifted a silk hand-painted embroidered fan, highlighting traditional Chinese craftsmanship. The intricate designs of flowers and birds on the fan panels came alive, skillfully intertwining traditional culture with a touch of modern aesthetics.

In the warm setting of MY TEAHOUSE, the guests enjoyed a delightful and unforgettable afternoon together, embracing the new year and forming cherished memories to carry with them.


  1. VIP guest

    It was an amazing memorable experience at MY TEAHOUSE.
    Savoring French champagne and Australian wine.
    A fusion of flavors, with Japanese cuisine crafted by a Korean chef.
    The elegance of sipping Chinese tea paired with the beauty of a Suzhou double-sided embroidered fan.
    Surrounded by laughter while experiencing the artistry of Chinese calligraphy.
    This multi-cultural lunch gathering creates memorable moments and embracing the joy of cultural traditions during the Lunar New Year celebration.

  2. Guest L

    Thank you very much for a most enjoyable afternoon. It was truly a unique experience and I felt most special to be in such an elegant setting with such hypnotic fragrance of best tea of the China. Thanks for the special delicate hand embroidered fan with beautifully craved stand and elegant box. I appreciate the enormous amount of time went into planning such a special event. I look forward to coming back to get some more tea.

  3. Raymond Mao

    Thank you, Ms Beauty, for gracing us with your presence. As the owner, I am delighted to have had you all at MY TEAHOUSE, experiencing the charm of Chinese culture firsthand. What brings me even greater joy is seeing that your friends thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance of the teahouse that you introduced them to. I will continue to strive to provide even better service.

  4. Raymond Mao

    very happy to hear that!
    we will have more information on silk embrodidered artcrafts;
    looking forward to seeing you to have tea experience soon.

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