Quick Tea Trip (2024)

The tea journey of 2024 was by far the most hurried of all my tea expeditions. Within a whirlwind 10-day itinerary, I had visited the homeland of white tea in Zhenghe to taste the new harvest Silver Needle White Tea, then had some Rock Oolong in Wuyi Mountain.

Barely had I a moment to breathe the air of Kunming before plunging into the joyful festivities of the Dai Water Splashing Festival in Xishuangbanna. With a brief stopover in Menghai, I once again checked into Laobanzhang village, regarded as the King of Pu’er tea. After sampling over a dozen varieties of new Pu’er teas in Pu’er City, with the taste of tea lingering on my lips, I arrived at Guangzhou Tea City. There, after trying another dozen new teas, just before the downpour hit Guangzhou, I rushed back to Sydney.

Although the tea journey was brief, I still brought back many samples. Tea lovers are welcome to visit anytime for a tasting session together.

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