Jasmie Pearl 龙珠茉莉花茶


This is the popular jasmine tea and also as known as many different name as dragon eyes, buddha’s tear…… This tea used the high quality green tea basic as 1 bud+ 1leaf, after many times scented, use hand to shape them into a small pearl.

Color: dark green and white stipe
Shape: pearl, small ball
Size: 6-10mm diameter
Smell: sweet jasmine
Taste: sweet jasmine
Teaware: Gaiwan (porcelain, bone china or glass), tall glass

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Zhejiang Province
Making Process scented green tea with jasmine flowers
Health Benefits good for eyes and liver
Remarks four seasons relaxing tea

Chinese tea classified by making process into 6 basic types of tea: green, white, yellow, blue-green/oolong, red and dark; besides these 6 basic types of tea, we have re-formed tea which include compressed tea and scented teas.

Scented Tea is mainly made from one basic tea and one kind of flower. A basic tea could be green, white, oolong, red or dark tea; and normally we choose jasmine, rose, osmanthus as the source of fragrance.

This Jasmine Pearl is using high quality green tea as the tea base, and scented with jasmine flowers.

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