TaoHuaShan Single Tree L.Leaf 桃花山古树单株生普散料


Color: from light dark-green towards to brown by different years storage
Shape: big loose curl and twist stripe for loose leaves
Size : 40-70mm for loose leaves
Smell: wild tree in forest, apricot
Taste: apricot, sweet, stimulate saliva; new harvest is intense and when aged one mature

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Yunnan Province
Making Process withering, dry fried, rolling, sun-dried
Health Benefits On balancing the blood pressure and sugar, cholesterol, against diabetes, it does better than the others.
Remarks Leaves picked from single old tea trees

Puerh is a city used to be the tea distribution centre of the Yunnan Province. As time went by, we regarded the tea from Puerh City as Puerh Tea.

Puerh Tea is a post-fermented tea, there are two types of Puerh Tea:
1) Raw Puerh (naturally fermented)
2) Cooked/Ripe Puerh (process fermented)

This TaoHuaShan Raw Puerh Tea, is one of MY Teahouse’s main raw puerh tea. My Teahouse has this tea from 2012 continually, so we can learn how raw puerh tea changed its taste year by year.

This Single Tree Raw Puerh is from TaoHuaShan, it is located in the North-West of the puerh tea area in the FengQing district. Normally, teas from North-West of the puerh tea can bring us more astringent taste, and higher quality or older tea trees may have quickly changing from bitterness to sweetness. The sweetness of TaoHuaShan old tree raw puerh is very obvious and with very long after taste.

Single Tree Raw Puerh means the leaves only picked from the same tea tree. So first of all, the tea tree has to be very big and grows very well; and then the taste of the tea, must be more pure than most of the others; and most of time, the single tree raw puerh bring us more powerful wiht body feeling.

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