Other Teas and Flowers

MY Teahouse regarded Scented Tea, Blended Tea and Moonlight White as “other teas”.

Scented Tea started from the Song Dynasty. Spices were first used to scent high quality green tea and became a tribute to the emperor from AD 960. Then fresh flowers instead of spices were used to scent tea from Ming Dynasty.
Most jasmine teas are jasmine scented green teas and some oolong teas. Rose tea is red tea scented with roses. Osmanthus tea is usually white tea scented with osmanthus blossoms.

Moonlight White, uses the tea leaves from the Yunnan Province, and after withering and drying under the moonlight but not sun light. As drying in the evening needs more time than usual, the flavour has white and red tea characteristics.

Blended Tea, MY Teahouse only has Ginseng Oolong for sell for regular drinkers , and not many information on this.

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