MY Teahouse is base on 2 parts:
1, retails: mainly for customers who know what they need. customers may buy teas, tea cups, tea utensils, teapots, tea pets, and everything display on shelf with product name and barcode.
Shop online, please keep your eyes on "monthly special", you may have discount automatically!!
Or you can have more discount if you can come to the shop and buy credit !!
2, tea experience:
1) taste before buy: MY Teahouse will offer $15 for free tea tasting before buying. Or you can buy the carry pack(2 portions) and taste them either at shop or at home.
2) booking for your tea time(from 1 to maximum 6 people per group):
A) 1-3 people: start from $30+GST/half hour, then $15+GST/half hour/person, then plus the cost of teas.
B) 4-6 people: start from $15+GST/half hour/person, then plus the cost of teas.

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tea times section

Small tea room for private meeting

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