Oolong Tea


Oolong tea is a Semi-oxidized tea. It has the most range of taste in 6 basic types of Chinese Tea.

Ranging from 30% to 70% oxidized Oolong Tea brings us large range of tasting experiences.

On helping digestion and reducing cholesterol, it does better than the others.

Oolong tea is also called Bluegreen tea. It grows in 4 main areas of China:

  1. Northern Fujian(WuYi Mountain) : It is also known as Rock Tea or Wuyi Rock Tea: Iron Monk, Golden Turtle, Short Leg, Water Fairy…
  2. Southern Fujian(QuanZhou) : It is well known for Iron Goddess from Anxi Dictrict etc.
  3. GuangDong(ChaoZhou) : It is also known as DanCong from Phoenix Mt.: Honey Phoenix, Snow Phoenix, Duck Poo Phoenix…
  4. Taiwan(Whole Island) : It is well known for its high mountain tea: DongDing, Oriental Beauty, Milky JinXuan…

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