Fu-Cha 黑茶茯砖


Shape: small piece of broken brick, stems and powders
Size: 25-40mm
Smell: dry woody
Taste: woody and stimulate saliva
Teaware: Porcelain Gaiwan
boiling is also good~

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Hubei Province
Making Process withering, dry fried, rolling, WoDui, baked to dry, compressed into brick, dried.
Health Benefits On preventing and fighting against the sickness of the bowel, it does better than others

Dark tea used to be regarded as a border tea. It is mainly produced in the Hubei, Sichuan, Hunan Province, and the Guangxi region.

Dark tea is a post-fermented tea. It normally uses the old tea leaves and some stems as fresh leaves, so it needs a longer process to get fully fermented.
Color: brown-green with many “golden dot” in

MY Teahouse regarded Fu-cha as a functional tea, it has very mellow taste and can match to many other taste.
MY Teahouse also regarded Fu-cha as a detoxing tea, very good for people who have constipation problem.

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