FuHai Cooked Puerh 福海茶厂熟饼7576-2003


Colour: brown-black and black when wet
Shape: compressed disc
Size: 357grams/ disc
Smell: earthy, soil, mud, forest after rain
Taste: earthy, smooth, sweet after taste and stimulate saliva
Teaware: Porcelain Gaiwan, glassware, clay teapot

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Yunnan Province
Making Process withering, dry fried, rolling, sun-dried, WoDui, baked to dry, compressed into disc, dried.
Health Benefits On balancing the blood pressure and sugar, cholesterol, against diabetes, it does better than the others.

Puerh is a city used to be the tea distribution centre of the Yunnan Province, as time went by, we regarded the tea from Puerh City as Puerh Tea.

Puerh Tea is a post-fermented tea, there are two types of Puerh Tea:
1) Raw Puerh (natural fermented)
2) Cooked/Ripe Puerh (process fermented)

After 2 years of studying and testing from 1973, Cooked/Ripe Puerh Tea has been successfully produced in the Yunnan Province.

The code 7576 on puerh, normally has their special meaning

75 ~ means the tea was using the recipe from 1975

7 ~ means the tea was using the 7th class of fresh tea leaves ( 1~9 from high to low)

6 ~ means the tea was made by FuHai Tea Factory

This tea was made in 2003.

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