Golden Needle 滇红大金芽


Colour: golden.
Shape: needle with lots of baby hair
Size: 30-40mm.
Smell: sweet potato and fruity wood.
Taste: Resembles fruits and sweet potato.
Teaware: Porcelain Gaiwan, glassware.

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Yunnan Province
Making Process withering, rolled, oxidised, baked to dry
Health Benefits On strengthening and warming the stomach, balancing gastric acids, it does better than other teas

Chinese Red Tea is a fully-oxidised tea.

Chinese Red tea can be produced in all tea areas; and each tea area’s red tea will have its own characteristics including its shape, smell, taste and its health benefits. And most of “area red tea” can be named as “Gong Fu” red tea.

“Dian” is the brief name of Yunnan Province and “Hong” means red in Chinese. so it is also as know as “Yunnan Black/Red” in English. It is one of my best sells in my shop. It helps to strengthen the stomach and to relax in winter time. It is regarded as the lady’s  favorite tea.

DianHong is one of the 5 famous Gong Fu red teas from the Yunnan Province.

Golden Needle is the higher quality “Dian Hong” GongFu Red tea which  is using the first picked tip from early spring, the tips have fully covered by golden colour baby hair. It is made in FengQing area by experience red tea maker from Yunnan Dianhong Group Co., Ltd.

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