Honey Phoenix 凤凰单丛通天香


Colour: It is a dark brown
Shape: It is shaped like a long stripe with a bit twist
Size: 30-40mm long
Smell: It has a heavy fruity scent.
Taste: long after taste with lychee, peach and honey flavours
Teaware: Clay teapot , Porcelain Gaiwan

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Guangdong Province
Making Process withered in sun, withered in room; repeat oxidising with shaking many times, pan-dry fried; rolled and shaped, baked till dry
Health Benefits on helping with digestion and reducing cholesterol, it does better than other teas
Remarks clearance the mind, against headache and keep you alert

Oolong tea is called Blue(green) tea.
Oolong tea is a Semi-oxidised tea. It has the most complex making process from the 6 basic types of Chinese Tea.

It grows in 4 main areas of China:
1) Northern Fujian(Wuyi Mt.): It is also known as Rock Tea or Wuyi Rock Tea
2) Southern Fujian(Quanzhou): It is well known for Iron Goddess etc.
3) GuangDong(Chaozhou): It is also known as DanCong from Phoenix Mt.
4) Taiwan(Whole island): It is well known for its high mountain tea

Honey Phoenix, is also known as DanCong Oolong which is from ChaoAn dictrict, Chaozhou city in the Guangdong Province.It is not just has a beautiful name but also a beautiful taste, the Pheonix Mountain in Chaozhou has a history from the 12th century BC. There are still about 3700 tea trees whose ages are between 200-700 years old.

MY Teahouse’s Pheonix Oolong teas grow in ecology farms, and the surrounding plants have therefore created over 60 different tastes. Snow phoenix, bring us very floral and sweet taste.

*The taste after cooling down is more pleasing*

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