Oolong Tea Series 乌龙茶系列


Oolong Tea Series (8 different oolong teas,2portions each)

Oolong tea, due to its varying levels of fermentation, presents a range of unique flavors. The four main production regions of oolong tea include Wuyi Rock Tea from northern Fujian, Tieguanyin from Anxi in southern Fujian, Dancong Tea from Chaozhou in Guangdong, and High Mountain Oolong from Taiwan. Oolong Tea enthusiasts absolutely cannot miss these premium teas.


Oolong Tea Series (8 different Oolong teas,2portions each)

岩茶矮脚乌龙  Short Leg Oolong    8.3g * 2bags
岩茶铁罗汉   Iron Monk   8.3g * 2bags
老丛水仙      Old Tree Water Fairy   8.3g * 2bags
虎啸岩肉桂   Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui    8.3g * 2bags
凤凰单丛通天香  Honey Phoenix  8.3g * 2bags
安溪铁观音  Iron Goddess   10g * 2bags
杉林溪高山乌龙茶 High Mountain Oolong    10g * 2bags
东方美人茶  Oriental Beauty   5g * 2bags


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