Short Leg Oolong 矮脚乌龙


Short Leg Oolong is a high quality WuYiYan Tea ( rock tea). With an interesting name, it is made in WuYi Mountain by a very skillful tea maker, using their many years of experience to make this selective rock tea. Although it is not from the famous cultivas of tea trees, it still brings us a very rich, smooth and long after taste.

Color: shine dark green with brown
Shape: long curl/twist-strip, also called “ back of toad”
Size: about 40mm
Smell: rocky, smoky and fruity
Taste: seagrass, rocky
Teaware: Clay teapot , Porcelain Gaiwan

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Fujian Province
Making Process withering in sun, withering in room, repeat oxidising with shaking many times ,pan-dry fried; rolled, baked till dry; selected, sieved, pile evenly, dried by charcoal
Health Benefits on help digestion and reducing cholesterol, it does better than the others
Remarks very comfortable standard rock tea with fragrant and taste

Oolong tea is called Blue(green) tea.
Oolong tea is a Semi-oxidised tea. It has the most complex making process from the 6 basic types of Chinese Tea.

It grows in 4 main areas of China:
1) Northern Fujian(Wuyi Mt.): It is also known as Rock Tea or Wuyi Rock Tea
2) Southern Fujian(Quanzhou): It is well known for Iron Goddess etc.
3) GuangDong(Chaozhou): It is also known as DanCong from Phoenix Mt.
4) Taiwan(Whole island): It is well known for its high mountain tea

Short Leg Oolong is a rock tea from Wuyi Mountain located in north of the Fujian Province.
Rock Tea is famous for its “rock flavour with floral fragrance”, because the tea trees grow in the special climate of Danxia Landforms with rocky soil and special processes.
There are hundreds of oolong tea trees belonging to 4 main columns which are Water Fairy (shui xian), Cinnamon (rou gui), Famous Plantation (ming cong), Special Seed (qi zhong).
Local tea lovers believe that:
on fragrance, Rou Gui is the best;
on depth of the taste, Water Fairy is the best.
Famous Plantation is renowned for its unique taste from hundreds of different cultivars, such as Iron Monk, Golden Turtle, Short Leg……
Special Seed tea trees are grown from tea seeds instead of using cultivars.

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