8 Different Teas-2 八仙过海-2


8 different teas-2 (2 portions each type)

This is one of the best-selling gift boxes in our store, containing one type of green tea, two types of white tea, three types of oolong tea, and two types of red/black tea. If your friend loves Chinese tea but you’re unsure of their preference, this gift box is the perfect choice. If you want to quickly familiarize yourself with the flavor profiles of Chinese tea, this set is also one of the best shortcuts.


8 different teas-2 (2 portions each type)

太平猴魁 Monkey King 5g * 2bags
特级白牡丹 Premium White Peony 5g * 2bags
金牡丹 Golden Peony 5g * 2bags
安溪铁观音 Iron Goddess 10g * 2bags
单丛雪兰香 Snow Phoenix 8.3g * 2bags
虎啸岩肉桂 Tiger Roaring Rock Rou Gui 8.3g * 2bags
金蕊滇红 Golden Heart 7g * 2bags
桐木关正山小种 Non Smoky Lapsan 7g * 2bags


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