Qimen Red 祁门红茶


Color: bright-brown
Shape: tight curly stripe
Size: 10-12mm
Smell: familiar English black tea
Taste: sweet and mellow with delicate fruity

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin AnHui Province
Making Process withering, rolled, oxidised, baked to dry
Health Benefits On strengthening and warming the stomach, balancing gastric acids, it does better than other teas

Chinese Red Tea is a fully-oxidized tea.
Chinese Red tea can be produced in all tea areas; and each tea area’s red tea will have its own characteristics including its shape, smell, taste and its health benefits. And most of “area red tea” can be named as “Gong Fu” red tea.

Qimen Red is one of the top 5 Gongfu Red Tea.

It is also known as Keemun Red/Black. Qimen is located at Qimen Country, HuangShan City in the Anhui Province. It is one of the top 10 Chinese red tea, and western tea drinker like this tea a lot. As normal grade of Qimen may mix with sugar and milk. High grade of Qimen without milk and sugar also bring us smooth and long after sweet tea taste.

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