Cloud & Mist 云雾毛尖


Color: dark green when wet, and bright green when wet
Shape: curl
Size: 18mm-25mm
Smell: fresh when dry, meat when wet
Taste: spinach, seaweed
Teaware: Gaiwan (porcelain, bone china or glass), tall glass

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Jiangxi Province
Making Process Pan-dry fried, rolled, repeated a few times, and then the tea leaves are fired until dry.
Health Benefits Green tea is able to prevent heart diseases and cancer better than others.
Remarks It has a slightly stronger taste than Gunpowder Green Tea, and it is refreshing and cooling, making it a very good summer tea.

Green tea is an un-oxidized tea. That’s means we must put the leaves into very high temperature (100~240C)to “Kill Green/ShaQing” to stop the fresh tea leaves getting fermented or oxidized.

Green tea can be produced in any tea areas of China, and each tea area’s green tea will have its own characteristics including its shape, smell, taste and its health benefits.

There are 4 different ways to “Kill Green/ShaQing” : Steaming, Pan-dry fried, Baked and Sun-dry.

Cloud & Mist is also known as “Yunwu mao jian” in Chinese. Many different tea areas produce this tea. to differentiate the teas, the name of the mountain or the area of which the tea comes from is put in front, such as “Lushan Cloud and Mist”, “Tianshan Cloud and Mist” etc. MY Teahouse’s cloud and mist is from Wuyuan District in the Jiangxi Province.


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