HengShunChang Cooked Puerh 恒顺昌熟普洱饼 1992


Colour: brown-black and black when wet
Shape: compressed disc
Size: 357grams/ disc
Smell: earthy, soil, mud, forest after rain
Taste: earthy, smooth, sweet after taste and stimulate saliva
Teaware: Porcelain Gaiwan, glassware, clay teapot

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Yunnan Province
Making Process withering, dry fried, rolling, sun-dried, WoDui, baked to dry, compressed into disc, dried.
Health Benefits On balancing the blood pressure and sugar, cholesterol, against diabetes, it does better than the others.
Remarks limit stock, can't find more in market

Puerh is a city used to be the tea distribution centre of the Yunnan Province, as time went by, we regarded the tea from Puerh City as Puerh Tea.

Puerh Tea is a post-fermented tea, there are two types of Puerh Tea:
1) Raw Puerh (natural fermented)
2) Cooked/Ripe Puerh (process fermented)

After 2 years of studying and testing from 1973, Cooked/Ripe Puerh Tea has been successfully produced in the Yunnan Province.

This cooked puerh disc was made in 1992 by a HongKong Teahouse and kept in the proper warehouse for 30 years. Owner of the tea house retire this year, so he sold back to the market to have part of his pension.

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