White Peony 政和高级白牡丹


Colour: It is a light green with a lot fur on the surface of the bud and leaf.
Shape: Looks like a dry flower.
Size: Bud: 20mm, Leaf: 25mm, Stem: 15mm
Smell: Resembles fruit wood.
Taste: Resembles white peach but heavier.
Teaware: Gaiwan (porcelain, bone china or glass), tall glass

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Fujian Province
Making Process Withering, baked, cooling, and then re-baked until dry.
Health Benefits As an anti-oxidant, it cools the blood's flame better than others.
Remarks The tea is great for all four seasons, any gender and at any time of the day.

White tea is a lightly oxidized tea.

White tea only grows in the north of the Fujian Province, mainly from the FuDing and ZhengHe area. Now, there are some white teas are made from other province as well. MY Teahouse only has supplied White Tea from the ZhengHe for the last 14 years.

This White Peony White tea, it uses 1 tip and 3 leaves which are hand picked from 20th of April each year. Tea drinker who prefer a bit heavier taste may enjoy this white peony very much.

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