White Tea Disc 高级白牡丹饼


Color: light brown with many grey fur on the surface of the disc

Shape: disc, cake

Size: 357grams

Smell: fruit wood

Taste: heavier white peach,

Teaware: Gaiwan and Clay teapot

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Fujian Province
Making Process withering and dry, steam, compress, dry
Health Benefits On anti-oxidants and cooling the blood’s flame, we believe white tea does better than the others.

White tea is a lightly oxidized tea.

White tea only grows in the north of the Fujian Province, mainly from the FuDing and ZhengHe area. MY Teahouse only has supplied White Tea from the ZhengHe for the last 14 years.

White tea is getting more popular these days, with many people enjoying the freshness of this tea. Some others are really enjoying the aged white tea as well which offers more depth of flavour.
For better storage of the tea, we normally compress it into discs. This saves storage space and reduces the fragrance lost from the tea.


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