Yingde Red 英德红茶


Colour: It is golden brown.
Shape: It is shaped like a small stripe with slightly twist
Size: About 15mm.
Smell: Smells creamy and sweet
Taste: creamy and silky.
Teaware: Clay teapot , Porcelain Gaiwan, glassware

Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Guangdong Province
Making Process withering, rolled, oxidised, baked to dry
Health Benefits On strengthening and warming the stomach, balancing gastric acids, it does better than other teas
Remarks milky flavour with high fragrant

Chinese Red Tea is a fully-oxidised tea.

Chinese Red tea can be produced in all tea areas; and each tea area’s red tea will have its own characteristics including its shape, smell, taste and its health benefits. And most of “area red tea” can be named as “Gong Fu” red tea.

YingDe Red Tea, is one of the famous “Gong Fu” red tea from Yingde district in the Guangdong Province. YingDe Red is using the big leaves tea tree from the Yunnan Province and growing in the YingDe, Guangdong, also it combines some concepts from oolong tea to higher the fragrant of the tea.

The Guangdong Tea Import and Export Corporation used received a telegram from the Economic Counselor’s Office of the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom, stating: “The British royal family favors YingDe Red/Black Tea. In 1963, Queen Elizabeth II served YingDe Red/Black Tea to guests at a grand banquet, receiving high praise and admiration.”

The taste of YingDe Red is with natural milky flavour, some tea drinker may like have milk with this tea.

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