YunXian Old Tree 云县古树生普



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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Yunnan Province
Making Process withering, dry fried, rolling, sun-dried, compressed into disc, dried.
Health Benefits On balancing the blood pressure and sugar, cholesterol, against diabetes, it does better than the others.

Puerh is a city used to be the tea distribution centre of the Yunnan Province. As time went by, we regarded the tea from Puerh City as Puerh Tea.

Puerh Tea is a post-fermented tea, there are two types of Puerh Tea:
1) Raw Puerh (naturally fermented)
2) Cooked/Ripe Puerh (process fermented)

YunXian is located in the North-West of the puerh tea area.  There are many famous mountain around these area.

This is the first old tree puerh disc MY Teahouse brought in 2009, from this year, MY Teahouse start to go into the real Chinese tea world.

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2009, 2010