Sharing “ Old Tree Lao-Man-E ” with Josh in the hot day

Josh is a regular customer of MY Teahouse. Today, despite the scorching weather, unlike most Westerners, his first thought was to have some hot tea. Even though he has plenty of my tea stocked at home, he couldn’t resist coming to my shop, despite the inconvenience of a journey that takes over 40 minutes. Upon arriving at the shop, he, as usual, looked around, touching this and that, showing interest in every item. Finally, he announced that he only intended to buy tea leaves today, not tea sets.

Josh asked,”Do you have Milk JinXuan, not the flavour one?” This question showed his expertise, indicating he had tried various Milk Oolong teas before.

I responded, “Yes, we do. It’s genuine Jin Xuan, not the flavored Oolong. Would you like to have a taste?”

This suggestion was right up his alley.

Josh was very pleased with the Milk JinXuan and savored it slowly while browsing through my tea menu. He then said,”I’ll also take a small box of Oriental Beauty… a box of Wuyi Rock Tea Iron Monk… and hmm, a box of Anji White …” All the while, he shared his experiences with tea drinking.

Then, he asked,”Do you have any strongly flavored raw Puerh?”

Seeing his enthusiasm today, I wanted to reward him, so I said,”Hmm, try our 2020 Old Tree Lao Man’E.”

Afterward, Josh wrote down his impressions and changes with each infusion of the tea and sent it to me as below:
1. 1st infusion: light, heady, very elegant but also a strong green forest flavour, and very delicate honey finish
2. Much stronger but extremely light and clear liquor – canary yellow diamond
3. Very strong forest but still very elegant
4. Very electric on the tongue, sides and tip of the tongue and very alive with an extremely delicious bitterness
5. Very strong bitter melon freshness and bitterness, with slight fruitiness
6. Some slight honey fragrance, but only light sweetness yet
7. Strong sweetness, maltose sweetness, light and elegant
8. Changing to a Broad honey sweetness
9. Strong perfume aroma when breathing out through the nose
10. That amazing hot leaf aroma almost like yunnan tea leaf salad
11. Some gentle but very enjoyable astringency
We had more than 16 infusions and Josh lost to write the note instead of enjoy it.

He also showed me a photo, carefully displaying the calligraphy paper I used to wrap tea leaves long ago, hanging it in the background of his tea-drinking room.

It was such a delightful afternoon; I believe Josh will soon return for another tea tasting session


  1. Josh T

    It was absolutely an amazing day, and some really amazing teas that I won’t ever forget! Thank you so much again, and I can’t wait to come back soon 🙂

  2. Raymond Mao

    good to hear and looking forward to seeing you soon.

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