Private Dinner with Peter Philips

Having the rare opportunity to dine exclusively with Mr. Peter Phillips, a distinguished member of the royal family, is an unmatched privilege. Walking towards the prestigious 6Head restaurant at Circular Quay, with the iconic Opera House and Captain James Cook’s sailboat in sight, sets the stage for an extraordinary experience. Amidst the stunning backdrop, engaging in intimate conversation over YingDe red tea and exquisite cuisine adds a layer of elegance and significance to every moment. This unique encounter offers a glimpse into royalty, leaving an enduring impression of refined luxury and cultural importance that will be treasured for years to come.

thanks again for Ms Kim’s inviting, it’s really an honor to have Chinese tea from MY Teahouse featured on the dinning tables of the British Royal private banquet.

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  1. MK

    Thank you very much for joining us for the exclusive private dinner with Mr. Peter Phillips. It was truly an incredible evening, and your presence contributed to its success. We’re grateful for your support of such a wonderful cause. A special thank you for sharing the history of YingDe Red Tea, which holds a special significance as one of Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite teas. Your participation made the night even more memorable.

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