Big Red Robe 武夷大红袍


Colour: It is a oily dark brown
Shape: It has a long curl/twist-strip, which is also called the “ back of the toad”.
Size: About 40mm
Smell: The smell is rocky, smoky and floral.
Taste: Resembles seagrass and is a bit rocky.
Teaware: Clay teapot , Porcelain Gaiwan

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Fujian Province
Making Process Withered in sun, withered in room, repeat oxidising with shaking many times, pan-dry fried; rolled, baked till dry; selected, sieved, pile evenly, dried by charcoal.
Health Benefits This tea helps digestion and reducing cholesterol better than other teas.
Remarks This tea can be enjoyed in any season, for all genders and ages.

Oolong tea is called Blue(green) tea.
Oolong tea is a Semi-oxidised tea. It has the most complex making process from the 6 basic types of Chinese Tea.

It grows in 4 main areas of China:
1) Northern Fujian(Wuyi Mt.): It is also known as Rock Tea or Wuyi Rock Tea
2) Southern Fujian(Quanzhou): It is well known for Iron Goddess etc.
3) GuangDong(Chaozhou): It is also known as DanCong from Phoenix Mt.
4) Taiwan(Whole island): It is well known for its high mountain tea

Wuyi Rock Tea is one of the 4 main Oolong tea.

There are 4 different Wuyi Rock tea trees which are: Water Fairy (ShuiXian), Cinnamon (RouGui), Famous Plantation and Special Seed.
Local tea drinkers believe that:
-Regarding fragrance, Cinnamon(RouGui) is the best.
-Regarding the depth of the taste, Water Fairy(ShuiXian) is the best.
Famous Plantation is renowned for its unique taste from thousands of different cultivars.ex. Big Red Robe, Iron Monk, Golden Turtle, Golden Key……
Special Seed tea trees are grown from tea seeds, instead of using cultivars.It is also be regarded as wild tea trees.
Different areas have different quality teas due to its geographical environment. They are divided into Keng and Jian teas, Main Rock teas (leaves picked from the inner mountains), Half Rock teas (leaves picked from the mountain borders) and Edge of Mountain Rock teas
The best Wuyi Rock Tea is made from the perfect combination of its geographical environment and process. Such a tea contains a fine fragrance, a clean and smooth feeling, a sweet taste after bitterness, and a long and live after-taste.

Big Red Robe is also known as “Da Hong Pao”, it is the most famous plantation from the “QiDan” tea tree. Big Red Robe is one of the top ten Chinese Oolong Teas. This tea’s leaves are picked from one of the 4 famous rock tea bushes and are made tea farmers who are the 4th generation of tea families in the WuYi Mountain area. This tea is different to most other teas as the tea bushes it is picked from grows in rocks, not in soil. This would cause the tea to bring some rocky feelings to its taste.

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