Dong Ding Oolong 冻顶乌龙茶


Colour: It is a dark green.
Shape: It is shaped like a round pellet, similar to a yellow bean.
Size: 8-12mm diameter.
Smell: It has a heavy floral scent.
Taste: It is floral and a bit creamy
Teaware: Clay teapot , Porcelain Gaiwan

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Knowledge of The Tea

Origin Taiwan
Making Process withering in sun and in room, repeat oxidising with shaking many times, pan-dry fried, twist in cloth bag, release the leaves from cloth bag, pan-dry fried many times until dry
Health Benefits on helping with digestion and reducing cholesterol, it does better than other teas
Remarks standard quality Taiwan high mountain tea

Oolong tea is called Blue(green) tea.
Oolong tea is a Semi-oxidised tea. It has the most complex making process from the 6 basic types of Chinese Tea.

It grows in 4 main areas of China:
1) Northern Fujian(Wuyi Mt.): It is also known as Rock Tea or Wuyi Rock Tea
2) Southern Fujian(Quanzhou): It is well known for Iron Goddess etc.
3) GuangDong(Chaozhou): It is also known as DanCong from Phoenix Mt.
4) Taiwan(Whole island): It is well known for its high mountain tea

Tea trees have been successfully planted in Tai Wan from the Qing Dynasty in 1810. Since then the tea industry has become one of the main industries in Taiwan. Oolong tea from Taiwan is more famous than its red tea.

Dong Ding Oolong, is one of the famour oolong tea from JiaYi Xian in Taiwan. Higher fragrant and longer after taste may from higher altitude where the tea trees growing.

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